L’Imperatrice Ltd is one of the leading fine wine importers in Asia. We are proud to be working with some of the most prestigious wine makers in France, and offering their best productions to the Asian market. We focus on Burgundy wines with also an interest in new emerging wine regions.


The woman head in our logo refers to Empress Eugenie who was a model of elegance and fine taste in France. The empress considerably helped the development of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, and later impulsed the 1855 Grand Cru classification. Our name is a tribute to the history of wine and stands for our main focus: fine wines. 


Our office is in Hong Kong and we have warehouses in Burgundy and Hong Kong. Thanks to our global presence, we are able to find the rarest wines as well as to provide a first-rate level of service to our clients.



We love wines that express terroir, that’s why we established L’Imperatrice. Being a wine importer, we are good observers, listeners and we are always curious and patient with nature, wines and knowledge. We believe in wine growers who produce wines of true character, and work with a sense of genius.

Office in Beaune


To learn more and be attentive to the terroir and winemakers, our representative office is set up in Beaune, Burgundy (France). The team in Beaune visits the vineyards in Burgundy and listen to the story of the wine and the winemakers. Please kindly contact our colleague in Beaune for further information or cooperation: paul@imperatrice.com.hk



This year is an important and exciting year. L'Imperatrice original major shareholder, Michael Kwong, became the sole director and shareholder. In the same year, Hervé Pennequin, 3rd Best Sommelier of the World in the year of 2004, joined the team. New projects are now moving forward, and the professional team is expanded to adapt to the market and our clients’ needs.

Bacchus Wine & Restaurant


Our wine restaurant was launched in November 2022, to offer an experienced center for wine feast. Tribute to the Roman god of wine, the name of our restaurant is Bacchus Wine & Restaurant. It’s a destination for Hong Kong’s bon vivants to enjoy an extensive selection of wine from L’Imperatrice and French cuisine with an inspired Asian touch. bacchus.hk